FCS Community Counselling
Our Low Cost Counselling Service

FCSCC is a subdivision of Faversham Counselling Service, providing a range of therapies for individual mental health difficulties.

This service is provided on a low-cost basis in line with the provision of services from final year counselling students. These students are supervised and are DBS checked, equally the student counsellors are required to abide by BACP code of ethics.

Talking to one of our student counsellors can provide just the help you need to work through personal difficulties and to help you to find solutions to problems.

For services with fully qualified counsellors, please see the Private Therapy option.

Are you are experiencing any of the following:

- Feeling down and low, anxious, worried or over-stressed
- Suffering from panic attacks, a traumatic experience or phobia
- Having to face a separation or divorce and wanting some help
- Wanting someone to share your thoughts and feelings with to help see a way through
- Wanting to work on your personal growth
- Wanting to talk about other issues in confidence

If you would like to self-refer to our service, please click here.  Alternatively, you could call us on 01795 591 019.

Cost for Sessions We charge £1.00 per £1,000 earned.  Therefore, if your income is £10,000 per annum, you would pay £10.00 per session.  Those on benefits will pay £5.00 per session as a flat rate. Proof of income or benefits will need to be supplied to our administrators in advance of your first session in order to agree payment terms.  The first payment is due before your first session.  A second payment and all further payments are due at the end of each session.

Payment terms: Payment is due at the end of each session (by cash).  Short-term cancellations (within 48 hours - without a rescheduled appointment) will still be charged, along with any missed sessions, at the full cost of the session.

Please see our FAQ page for all standard service procedure and guidelines.