If you would like to self-refer to either our NHS or Private therapies, please complete the form below.


Please note that due to the high demand for our service in the Swale (Sittingbourne, Isle of Sheppey, etc.) area, there is a 30 day waiting period for any self re-referrals to our service from the discharge date of your last treatment episode.  This means that when you complete any current treatment with our service you will have to wait 30 days before re-referring to our service. However, if you feel you cannot wait that long, we will accept a referral from your GP within this time.

Clinical Commissioning Group imposed waiting period:  If your GP is registered in the Canterbury and Coastal areas, once you have been discharged from our service, there is a waiting period of 12 weeks before you are able to self-refer back to our service.  However, if you feel you cannot wait that long, we do accept referrals from your GP within this time.

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