About Us

FCS talking therapies is part of Faversham Counselling Service Limited and was launched in 1993. Since then, many people have sought and found help with us at our Gatefield Lane Centre, where we provide a valued service both within the local community and beyond.  People have come from all walks of life with a variety of personal, emotional or relationship issues, seeking an impartial, understanding person with whom they can share and explore their feelings.

Faversham Counselling Service is an organisational member of BACP, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and works within their ‘Ethical Framework of Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy’. In March 2004 we became an accredited member with BACP and are now one of its authorised ‘Accredited Service’ providers.


The counsellor-client relationship is one in which the service user can feel safe and confident that both the fact and the content of that meeting is kept strictly private and confidential within the Counselling Service.  This is crucial to the trust and integrity of the counselling relationship.  Service users are informed at the outset of counselling of the limits of and exceptions to confidentiality.   In exceptional circumstances, where there is genuine cause for serious concern about the safety or interests of service users or about others who may be threatened by unacceptable behaviour, the counsellor is subject to the requirement of law and may take steps as judged necessary to inform appropriate third parties under the following acts –

  • Data Protection Act (2018)

  • Prevention of Terrorism Act (1989)

  • Drug Trafficking Act (1994)

  • Working to Safeguard Children Policy (2006)